We do not believe in “one fits all”, we would ask a few questions to determine your category, and a perfect price for you, one that fits your needs and budget. Contact us.

Deep deluxe initial cleaning (charged hourly), bi-weekly maid service (flat rate), move out cleaning (hourly), office cleaning (flat rate). 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Remember, we’ll get it right the first time and if we don’t, all our services come with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. You get a free re-clean. How does this work: Use the same checklist we provided to you, mark anything that was missed or not cleaned to your satisfaction and email that to us within 6 hours after the cleaning. We will schedule a re-clean visit soon as we can. Please Do not panic, do not text, call, or start going to Social Media to vent…we are right here and your happiness is our top priority. We will take very good care of you and you will be 100% satisfied.
Equipment and Supplies
We provide all equipment and supplies (certified products, powerful vacuums, regular, modern, as well as steam mops; we use color coded cleaning clothes, no cross contamination). 

Office Cleaning & Other Commercial Needs
Give Us a Call. Let’s talk-annual contracts (20% off). 3 years or Longer (25%off). 

(844) 944-4454