6 Tips to Help Parents Homeschool Their Kids

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6 Tips to Help Parents Homeschool Their Kids


As the world continues its fight against its faceless foe, many are trying to keep their lives together though most people are hardly getting by. It has also been awfully hard for most parents who are now facing yet another hurdle. With little to no time to prepare for the transition from a physical classroom set up to virtual classes, parents are left with no choice but to adapt to this learning alternative one way or the other. Here are a few basic tips to help parents keep their sanity, juggling work while effectively homeschooling their children at this time of the pandemic.


Set and Follow a Schedule

Although it is difficult to replicate a traditional school day at home, it is still best to arrange a schedule much the same as that of a regular school plan. This is to make it a lot easier for both the children and parents to get accustomed to it. Parents can readjust the schedule should they see fit in their current situation in the long run. Once they finally got something that perfectly works for them, it is best to stick to it. It is also important to set a specific time for kids to play to take some pressure off the situation of being confined in their homes.


Prepare Study Materials

For a seamless learning experience, parents should provide whatever stuff the kids need to get the schoolwork done. Having all of them set by their study table helps them focus more on the task, minimizing distractions.


Set-up A Conducive Place to Learn

It may be demanding for most parents to keep the learning experience at home as effective as that in school. However, it can be as effective so long as parents provide a dedicated quiet area for their kids to study. It should also be somewhere they can easily be checked on regularly.


Smoothen the Virtual Learning Experience

Multiple platforms are used to facilitate remote learning and most of them are not parent-friendly. Some are even burdensome to get by. It is even more challenging for parents with children of different ages. For a smooth virtual learning experience, parents should set time in addressing technical difficulties and learn how to navigate the platforms with the kids beforehand. Younger kids may need more assistance because of their inadequate computer skills. 


Be Creative and Loosen Up a Bit

Kids tend to have a hard time focusing, easily get frustrated, and may start acting out. This is not surprising because they are not typically accustomed to being confined to a place. Divert their focus to more fun learning activities. Get them involved in more interactive exercises. As simple as helping with lunch or learning basic cooking skills will keep them busy for a few hours. 


Make Time to Talk

It can be overwhelming and frustrating for parents to keep it balanced while joggling task between demanding workload, daily chores, and kid’s homeschooling. However, this is a stressful time for the kids, too. It is best to check on the kids often. Know how they feel and what they think. Make space for big emotions. Comfort them and assure them that it is okay to feel bad and that the situation is just passing. Do not be too hard on them.


At the end of the day, everyone deserves a good break. Find comfort in understanding that parents are not expected to replace teachers. However, right now more than ever, children need a great deal of support and presence. Set up goals a day at a time and make most of the time spent with kids while at home.  


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