6 Useful Tips To Clean Your Closets And Garage This Summer

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Summer is around the corner and now more than ever we know the importance that cleaning has on our health. If you are wondering how to start the season on the right foot, keep reading these 6 tips for tidying up your closets and garage and make the perfect summer cleaning.

  • Make a plan

If you start cleaning without knowing clearly what to do, your garage and closets may end up messier. The best way to get tidy up is to remove everything from the closet or garage and sort out by category. Try to leave in easy reach the things you use daily, or with more frequency, and take full advantage of compartments, hooks, and baskets in the closet. 

  • Make sure the area you want to clean is properly lit

It is possible that your garage is well lit but some closets are not lit at all. If your closet or garage lacks built-in illumination, you could use either a lamp or LED lights; even the sunlight. You need to see clearly while tidying up.

  • Donate what you won’t be needing

There are sure to be plenty of things stored in your home that you don’t use anymore, mostly in your closet. What is no longer useful for you may be perfect for someone else. During cleaning, put clothes you want to donate in a box or bag so they don’t get all mix up again in the closet. 

  • Get rid of sentimental clutter

When tidying up your closet and garage, you will find things that you keep merely for its meaning but has no other use to you. People may struggle to some degree when dealing with sentimental clutter and of course, we don’t have to get rid of everything that has a special meaning for us, but sometimes hesitation leads us to horde. Identify and separate this type of thing to decide if you want to keep it or not.

  • Make the sun your ally

If you’ve allowed clutter to accumulate in your garage and closets, you are going to spend a lot of time tidying up, so the long days of summer are perfect to do this chore. If you need to wash something, the best way to dry it and prevent mold is to leave it under the sun rays. The arrival of summer comes with warmer and longer days, use it to your advantage.

  • Make sure your garage and closets are sanitized

While tidying up it is important to make sure that the space we uncluttered is also disinfected, especially in the garage. This as part of the ongoing precautions regarding COVID-19, but also it’s important to prevent risks like mildew growth in the humid summer weather. At Try Clean Maid, we can help you with our cleaning service to help you ensure your space is disinfected properly.

Summer and a well-cleaned home have a positive impact on you. The hardest part of tidying up is beginning, so try to apply this summer cleaning tips to make it easier, and remember to keep touching up weekly instead of spending all day tidying up once a year. If you need any help with your cleaning chores, you can contact us here and we gladly schedule you a cleaning service.

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